Cogency is a specialist research-based consultancy providing solutions that  improve organizational judgement and decision-making. The solutions provided are targeted simultaneously at individuals and organizations.  The consultancy’s primary focus is to improve the performance of those involved in making important decisions.  Our approach to developing tailored solutions is guided by cutting-edge theories and research within psychology and neuroscience. Consultancy Cogency uses psychology and neuroscience to develop solutions based on a scientific understanding of the interactions between people and products, situations, technology as well as other people. Combining psychology and neuroscience enables Cogency to bring a unique problem solving capability to our client’s challenges. Our solutions enhance the performance of those confronted with making judgements and decisions in situations marked by high risk, time pressure, ambiguous or conflicting information, or changing contexts. We develop these solutions by a thorough understanding of how individual decision-makers process information and interact in various environments. Presentations We enjoy performing presentations and workshops. Our talks have received excellent acclaim by audiences worldwide, and we have hosted Master Classes for top executives, coaches and business psychologists. We have also spoken at leading financial institutions and Danish ministries.  Training Cogency provides a wide range of training seminars and courses.  Topics include: leadership and decision making, decision-making competencies, economic decision-making, cognitive biases and organizational decision-making.   Our training materials are extensive and interactive.Clients Danske Bank International SparBank Center for Ledelse VIA University College Novo Nordisk Copenhagen Business School The Danish Ministry of Culture Collaborations Yale University University of Southern California INSEAD Federal Reserve Bank Columbia Business School Danish University of Education Copenhagen Business School University of Copenhagen Behavioral economics Society for Neuroeconomics  Organizational psychology Media Article in Børsen Interview Børsen TV Book: Positive Psychology Article: Neuroscience and coaching Interview: Hjernen og finanskrisen Interview: Hjernen og langsigtede valg DR Radio: Finansdrengene DR Radio: UdsalgspsykologiJon Wegener, Cognitive neuroscientist and co-founder. As an expert on how the brain makes decisions, he utilizes cutting edge neuroscience to provide clear and practical solutions for clients. Academic collaborators are the Decision Neuroscience Group at CBS and the Federal Reserve Bank. Clients include Novo and Danske Bank. Anders Myzak, MSc Psychology Organizational psychologist and co-founder. An expert in the areas of consulting and problem solving. Over the last 8 years he has delivered and implemented many innovative solutions to the public and private sector. Former clients include Samsung, Lego, Trygvesta, SaxoBank, IKEA, Falck Group and Rockwool.